Sunday social sessions

The Sunday Social sessions have proved very popular, so we are making this a permanent session. It does need to become self-organising, as Mike and Carol can't keep running it. Take turns if there are people sitting out, mix up who you play with, ...
(Allan on behalf of the committee on 22 April 2021)

About us

Buxton Tennis Club is part of the Buxton Cricket, Bowls and Tennis club and the site on Park Road was first established by the Cricket Club in 1853. Major tennis tournaments were held in Buxton from 1883 and it was the venue for the All-England Ladies Doubles Tennis Championships until 1951. The current club is the proud heir of this tradition, providing a range of social and competitive tennis for all standards of player.

The 3 all-weather courts are set in a beautiful location alongside the cricket ground and bowling green with open views to the south-west, and are within easy walking distance of Buxton Town Centre.

Interested in joining us? If you already play tennis, why not come along to one of our club sessions. Non-members are welcome to come twice without charge. Club sessions run on Saturday mornings from 9.30 onwards and on Monday evenings from 6pm (these will continue throughout the year now that we have floodlights!). We also have Sunday Social Tennis on Sundays from 4pm.

We offer the chance to take part in competitive tennis in the Sheffield and District leagues, as well as just playing when you feel like it. We have a range of coaching activities to suit everyone from beginners and people who haven't played for years to advanced junior and adult coaching. See coaching for details.

The club calendar has full details of the various scheduled sessions--any time that is not booked on this calendar is free.

Forthcoming events

15 June 2021 Thorncliffe B vs. Buxton (away: Midweek Mixed Div 4 2021)
17 June 2021 Beauchief C vs. Buxton (away: Ladies' Division 3 2021)
19 June 2021 Welbeck B vs. Buxton (away: Men's Division 4 2021)
22 June 2021 Buxton vs. Barnsley B (home: Midweek Mixed Div 4 2021)
24 June 2021 Hallamshire D vs. Buxton (away: Ladies' Division 3 2021)
29 June 2021 Buxton vs. Brentwood B (home: Midweek Mixed Div 4 2021)
01 July 2021 Buxton Ladies vs Bamford (home)
06 July 2021 Buxton vs Hallam Grange (home)
08 July 2021 Buxton vs. Brentwood B (home: Ladies' Division 3 2021)