WhatsApp group

In order to try to help people get in touch with each other we've set up a whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KPakOhQiojp5V0H1dl2D3Y. This aims to serve two purposes:
  • we have club sessions on Saturday morning, Sunday evening and Monday evening. The Saturday one is reasonably well attended, but people who might have gone to one of the others don't because they're not sure that anyone else will be there, and then noone else actually is there because they didn't know that anyone was going, and then ...
  • people often fancy a game but haven't got anyone to play with. This happens a lot to new members, but it also happens to old lags if someone drops out of an arranged four, or just because they don't have anything arranged. *Don't be shy*. If you want a game, say so on the group. If you see that someone wants a game, reply to them. Maybe there'll be a mismatch, but more likely you'll make a friend and get to play more tennis.
So we've set up the group above. This group is *only* for arranging to play. No asking if people know of a good plumber, no complaining about the committee, no requesting that someone should clean up the end court. It's just for saying that you're going to attend one of the less well attended club sessions, so that other people know it's worth going down, and for asking for people to play with at other times.
(Allan on 27 July 2022)

Hoodies and T-shirts

The club (through Mike Badman) has commissioned smart new hoodies and tee shirts (in moisture wicking fabric or cotton, and in junior, men's or women's fit). Junior hoodies are £25 and adult £27, tee shirts are £8.50. Wear them when playing tennis to make yourself look like a real tennis player, wear them round town to promote the club.

To get one, just go to IWS at the Arches in Fairfield Road, tel 01298 27069 and ask for a Buxton Tennis Club hoodie or T-shirt.
(Allan on 23 Nov 2021)

About us

Buxton Tennis Club is part of the Buxton Cricket, Bowls and Tennis club and the site on Park Road was first established by the Cricket Club in 1853. Major tennis tournaments were held in Buxton from 1883 and it was the venue for the All-England Ladies Doubles Tennis Championships until 1951. The current club is the proud heir of this tradition, providing a range of social and competitive tennis for all standards of player.

The 3 all-weather courts are set in a beautiful location alongside the cricket ground and bowling green with open views to the south-west, and are within easy walking distance of Buxton Town Centre.

Interested in joining us? If you already play tennis, why not come along to one of our club sessions. Non-members are welcome to come twice without charge. Club sessions run on Saturday mornings from 9.30 onwards and on Monday evenings from 6pm (these will continue throughout the year now that we have floodlights!). We also have Sunday Social Tennis on Sundays from 4pm.

We offer the chance to take part in competitive tennis in the Sheffield and District leagues, as well as just playing when you feel like it. We have a range of coaching activities to suit everyone from beginners and people who haven't played for years to advanced junior and adult coaching. See coaching for details.

The club calendar has full details of the various scheduled sessions--any time that is not booked on this calendar is free.

Forthcoming events

20 August 2022 Dore & Totley B vs. Buxton (away: Late Mixed Division 2 2022)
01 Sep 2022 Kids Camp
03 Sep 2022 Doncaster vs. Buxton (away: Late Mixed Division 2 2022)
10 Sep 2022 Buxton vs. Hallamshire B (home: Late Mixed Division 2 2022)
17 Sep 2022 Barnsley A vs. Buxton (away: Late Mixed Division 2 2022)