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BuxtonTennis Club
Park Road, Buxton SK17 6SF
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Match Results

TeamDateOppositionHome or awayResultScore
Buxton A2017-04-29Beauchief Chomelose4-5
Buxton A2017-05-06Ecclesall Cawaylose2-7
Buxton B2017-04-29Fulwood Cawaylose4-5
A close fought match, with two rubbers going to a third set -- Phil & Caleb won theirs 10-8, Jonathan & Allan lost theirs 8-10.
Buxton B2017-05-06Moorgate Ehomewin6-3
Not really 6-3: they only had two pairs, so we started 3-0 up. Still, we did get win 3 rubbers, for 3-3 on the day, so we didn't just get the win by default.
Buxton B2017-05-13Grove Dhomelose3-6
A tough match -- Jonathan and Jeff won all three of their rubbers, everyone else put up a good fight but for no reward.
Buxton B2017-05-20Bradfield Bhomelose3-6
Another epic battle where a series of close matches didn't turn into an overall win. We have to start winning some of the big points!
Buxton B2017-05-27Fulwood Chomelose2-7
We had a strong team out. Sadly, they had a stronger one than when we played them at Fulwood. Championship tie-breaks were out downfall yet again.
Buxton B2017-06-10Brentwood Bhomelose1-8
Another hard match. Many thanks to Ed McKee and Wesley Southall for stepping in at the last minute -- they looked pretty rusty at first, but improved with every game.
Buxton Ladies2017-05-04Moorgatehomelose
A hard first match against Moorgate saw Buxton ladies lose their opening match of the season.Some great tennis played by both teams and sudden death deuces caused much disappointment for third pair ladies!
The courts on a sunny day

Forthcoming events

02 Sep 2017 Buxton A (mixed) vs Barnsley B (away)
02 Sep 2017 Buxton B (mixed) vs Moorgate B (home)
09 Sep 2017 Buxton A (mixed) vs Beauchief D (home)
16 Sep 2017 Buxton A (mixed) vs Brentwood A (away)
16 Sep 2017 Buxton B (mixed) vs Hallam Grange C (home)
23 Sep 2017 Buxton A (mixed) vs Rustlings (away)