Buxton Tennis Club Policies

Buxton Tennis Club is committed to the welfare and well-being of all those who use our club and in particular children and young adults. To help everyone feel and stay safe we have adopted the Safeguarding and Diversity and Inclusivity policies and codes of practice displayed below:

If you have any concerns about the welfare and well-being of any child or young adult at our club please contact Anne Thompson, Club Welfare Officer, via phone (07817258902) or email (annethompson101@gmail.com).

Safeguarding Policy

1.    Policy statement

Buxton Tennis Club is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run. This Policy strives to minimize risk, deliver a positive tennis experience for everyone and respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns/disclosures.

2.    Use of terminology

Child: a person under the age of eighteen years.

Adult at risk of abuse or neglect: a person aged eighteen years or over who is, or may be, in need of community care services by reason of disability, age or illness; and is, or may be, unable to take care of, or unable to protect him or herself against abuse or neglect.

Safeguarding children: protecting children from abuse and neglect, preventing the impairment of children’s health or development, ensuring that they grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, and taking action to enable all children to have the best life chances.

Safeguarding adults at risk: protecting adults from abuse and/or neglect. Enabling adults to maintain control over their lives and make informed choices without coercion. Empowering adults at risk, consulting them before taking action, unless someone lacks the capacity to make a decision, or their mental health poses a risk to their own or someone else’s safety, in which case, always acting in his or her best interests. 

3.    Scope

This Policy is applicable to all staff, volunteers, committee members, coaches and club members. It is in line with national legislation and applicable across the UK. Guidance on implementing the policy is outlined in Safe and Inclusive British Tennis Toolkit

Advice, guidance and support is available from the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team.

4.    Responsibility for the implementation of the Safeguarding Policy, Standards, Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure


Where there is a safeguarding concern/disclosure:

5.    Breaches of the Safeguarding Policy, Standards, Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure

Breaches of this Policy and/or failure to comply with the outlined responsibilities may result in the following:

Actions taken by staff, consultants, volunteers, officials, coaches inside or outside of the club that are seen to contradict this Policy may be considered a violation of this Policy.

Where an appeal is lodged in response to a safeguarding decision made by the club, the individual should adhere to the club’s appeal procedure

6.    Related policies and guidance:

Safe and Inclusive Code of Conduct

It is illegal to have a relationship with someone who is under 18 years old if you are in a position of trust; it is illegal to have a sexual relationship with anyone under the age of 16 whether they give consent or not. 

The Code of Conduct should be interpreted in a spirit of integrity, transparency and common sense, with the best interests of children and adults at risk as the primary consideration. 

Safe and Inclusive Tennis Standards 

The Standards aim to set a minimum level of practice to promote and support safeguarding and equality in tennis. Implementing the Safe and Inclusive Tennis Standards is intended to be used alongside this Policy and Code of Conduct; and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy/Statement of Commitment.

Standard 1: We have Safeguarding and Diversity Policies and a Code of Conduct that applies to all staff, volunteers, coaches, club members and events

Standard 2: We empower children and adults to create a safe and inclusive tennis environment, both on and off court

Standard 3: We prioritise safe and inclusive recruitment, induction, training and support

Standard 4: We protect people’s confidential information about safeguarding and equality

Confidential information relating to safeguarding and equality is:

Standard 5: We address safeguarding and discrimination concerns immediately, prioritizing the wellbeing of children and adults at risk

This Policy is reviewed every two years.

This Policy has been adopted by Buxton Tennis Club:

Club Committee Chair: Steve Thompson Date: 25/10/2018

Club Welfare Officer: Anne Thompson      Date: 25/10/2018

Diversity and Inclusivity Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and ensure members, non-members and visiting teams are not denied access to our tennis venue because of a discriminatory reason. An explanation of the different types of discrimination can be found in the LTA / Tennis Foundation Equality and Diversity Policy – www.lta.org.uk/equality

This policy is fully supported by the club committee who are responsible for the implementation and review of this policy.

Therefore, we will adhere to the following:
  1. Take responsibility for setting and upholding standards and values that apply throughout the tennis venue at every level, so tennis can be enjoyed by everyone who wants to participate.
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to eliminating discrimination by reason of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, ability or disability and to encourage equal opportunities and an inclusive welcoming environment.
  3. Ensure that employees, members, non-members and visiting teams are treated fairly and with respect and ensure that all members of the community regardless of their ability have access to and opportunities to take part in competitions and events and enjoy the club’s programmes and activities
  4. Oppose all forms of harassment, bullying or abuse towards an individual or group, whether it is physical, verbal or online, that is based on any of the characteristics listed above or for any other reason. Any incidents of this or a similar nature should be reported to the Complaint Officer (or other member of the club committee if appropriate)
  5. Ensure there is an immediate investigation of any complaints of discrimination on the above grounds, once they are brought to the attention of the Complaint Officer or the club committee. Complaints will be investigated by the Complaint Officer and where such a complaint is upheld, the club committee may impose such sanctions as it considers appropriate and proportionate to the discriminatory behaviour.
  6. Promote a culture that encourages the learning and development of coaches and volunteers in order to achieve greater diversity and inclusion within tennis. As a minimum the club will ensure that at least one member of the club committee has attended the LTA’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training.
  7. Support, promote and enforce the LTA/Tennis Foundation Fair Play values within all tennis activities and environments.
  8. Be committed to and deliver a policy of fair and equitable treatment for all members and employees and require all members, employees and volunteers to abide by and adhere to these policies and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 as well as any amendments to this Act or any new equality legislation.
  9. Be committed and take action to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming and seeks to improve representation across all groups and participation at all levels within tennis.